Thursday, February 28, 2013

Visual Literacy

Last week I explained the college we did in art appreciation and last class we sent our colleges around the class for people to guess what the pictures represented. I must admit, I was excited to see what people thought about my college. I hoped they would guess correctly on what my pictures represented. Unfortunately, I was disappointed in my results. The whole point of this project was to test people’s visual literacy but based on my results the 3 people who had my college visual literacy isn’t that great. They looked at my art and saw what was there but not what each picture represented. For instance, I put a picture of a dog on the college. Instead of reading what the dog was doing (it was lying down, which was representing laziness) they just said I liked dogs. Maybe the people who got mine didn’t take the examination of my art seriously.  I got a good great so, oh well I guess. Maybe I’ll post the college next week to see if you can guess!

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