Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spring Break

As we all know Richard Bland’s spring break begins tomorrow. I always wondered why all of our breaks are delayed compared to other schools. Anyway, my plans are to work, prepare for the week back to school and relax. Most people are planning a big trip, partying all week or even sleep, but I’ve decided not to take that rout, at least not yet. Maybe next year when I have a car and more prepared financially, to go on a big trip somewhere.  My older brother went to Miami for his spring break this year. (I was so jealous Haha) This means that I have to step it up and plan an even better trip, maybe to Miami. Spring break is supposed to be a break but honestly it doesn’t feel like a break is needed since we just got back to school just a little over a month ago. Maybe that’s just me, but instead of using the week to be lazy and lay around, I’m going to use it to get ahead. Therefore, when I have the proper materials (car, extra money, a destination, etc.) I’m going to work hard weeks before spring break so when I do take that big trip, I will definitely have a great time!

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  1. You know it doesn't start until AFTER Friday, right? ;)