Thursday, January 24, 2013

Three essays

Last class we had to pick three topics for what essays we are going to write this semester. That doesn’t sound very difficult but it was since everyone had to agree on the same three topics out of about eight topics Mr. Sweeney picked and there’s about 24 people in the class. In the beginning everyone was listening but no one was talking. Then everyone talked but no one listened. After a while Mr. Sweeney helped us get things a little more organized. By the end of the class we all agreed on one topic.  It was hard for everyone to agree mainly because people were putting other opinions down more than convincing them to change their minds. I also realized that people weren’t giving any specific topics to help convince people to agree. I think the class has to understand that we have to put some of our views aside to come to a final decision. On Friday we have to come to the conclusion of three topics. I plan to give topics to help the class decide and to be open minded on others opinions. Hopefully in class everyone will do the same so we can get started on our essays.

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